How to Make People Feel Good About Your Casino Experience


The bright lights, the sound of coins clinking and the smell of gambling are enough to get anyone in the mood for some fun. And even though casino games can be quite frustrating for some people, the overall atmosphere is always one of jubilation and excitement.

The fact that casinos are designed to make people feel good is a big part of their appeal, and it’s something that should be doubled down on in marketing efforts. It’s not enough to simply know who is coming into your space and what demographic information you have – there needs to be more focus on understanding what it is that they want and need from their experience.

For example, some casinos are known for having a lot of free things to offer their “good” players – also called comps. These can include things like hotel rooms, meals, tickets to shows and limo services, and can be based on the amount of money they spend at specific tables or slots over a given period of time.

Other casinos are based more on the allure of winning big sums of money, and some are even set up with no windows or clocks to remove any indications of what time it is outside. This is a tactic recommended by design expert George Friedman who believed that removing any indicators of time would keep gamblers from realising they had been in the casino for too long and deciding to leave.

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