Laguna Cafe

A Unique Restaurant.... You Bring the Conversation....We Take Care of Everything Else


Laguna Cafe

2013 East 29th Ave

Spokane WA 99203

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Laguna Cafe is a beautiful, yet casual dining establishment in Spokane, WA. Established in 2007. Come enjoy enticing food and a great time.

Lunch and Dinner are available on Monday thru Friday. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Saturday thru Sunday.

Dan and Debbie have 86 years

of experience with fun!

By the glass or bottle. Laguna has 85 wines and / or 15 Craft Beers to choose from.


Ask about our own Brew "Lagunatic Brew".

Beautiful Ambiance

Enjoy All 3 Meals

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Enjoy Our Large Selection of Cocktails, Beer and Wine