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Laguna Cafe

2013 East 29th Ave

Spokane WA 99203

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Dining Room

Laguna Café is pleased to offer over 85 wine and 15 Micro Brews choices for you to enjoy.



Pinot Noir

1.  Hahn, Monterey, CA    

2. Owen Roe, OR, “The Kilmore”



1. Gordon Brothers, WA

2. Bergevin Lane, Walla Walla “She Devil Red”

3. Guardian “The Informant,” Woodinville, WA



1. Locati cellars, Walla Walla



1.  Fabre Montmayou, Argentina

“Gran Reserva”



1.  Musella, Italy, “Amardrie Della Valpolicella”  



1. Robert Ramsey, McKinley Springs, WA


Cabernet Sauvignon

1. Decoy by Duckhorn, Napa, CA

2. Bridge Press Cellars, Spokane, Walla Walla

3. Jordan, Alexander Valley

4. Francis Ford Coppola “Directorscut,” Alexander Valley

5. Rombauer, Napa Valley

6. Woodward Canyon “Artist Series”

7. Orin Swift “Palmero,” Napa, CA Red

8. Orin Swift, Napa, CA “Papillion” 2010

9. Rombauer, Napa, CA “2000”   Diamond Select

10. “Duckhorn”, Napa


Red Zinfandel 

1. Rombauer, Sierra Foothills “Oldvine” 2. Michael & David “7 Deadly Zins,” Lodi, oldvine

3. Moss Roxx “Ancient Vine” Lodi, CA



1.  Rombauer, Carneros, CA

2. Decoy by Duckhorn, Napa, CA

3. Bridgerpress Cellars, Spokane

4. Zerba Cellars, Walla Walla

5. Bergevin Lane Vineyards “Wild Child Merlot” Columbia Valley, WA



Red Blends

1.  Michael & David “Incognito,” Lodi, CA 2. Locati Cellars, “Innovation,” Walla Walla

3. Dunham Cellars, Columbia Valley “Zags Red”

4. Guardian “Gun Metal,” Woodinville, WA

5. Bridge Press Cellars “600,” Spokane, Columbia Valley

6. Brian Carter “Solesce,” Woodinville, WA

7. Brian Carter, Byzance, WA

8. Brian Carter, Corridor, CA




Sauvignon Blanc

1. Guardian Cellars “Guardian Angel”  WA



1.  Duckhorn, Napa

2. Schug “Carneros”

3. Rombauer, Napa, “Carneros”


White Blend

1. Replace with “Brian Carter Driana”



1. Pacific Rim “Organic” WA

2. Montinore Estate Sweet Riesling, OR

3. Zebra Cellars, Walla Walla  


After Dinner  

1.  Smith Woodhouse “LBV” Port, Portugal

2. Grahams “20” Twenty year Tawny Port 3. Andrea Faccio “Villa-Giada” Moscato, Italy

4. Domaine J. Laurens, France

5. Opulento Brian Carter 2010

6. Vin Mousseux “Renaissance” France, Sparkling

7. Pineau des Charentes “Organic” France


Enjoy a wine or beer along with your dinner, or take a beer to go with

a home meal!

22.5 ounce for $7


Ironhorse Brewery from exotic Ellensburg

Own our Lagunatic Brew Ale!

Irish Death

High Five Hefe


Seasonal...ask us

On draft

Lagunatic Brew


Snoqualmie Brewery

Steamtrain Porter


12 ounce bottle $4


Scrimshaw Pilsner (top 10 in the world)


Scuttlebutt Homeport Blonde

Blue Moon

Stella Artois


Bud Lite


Non alcoholic gluten free


12 ounces $5 a bottle

Degfish 90 minute IPA

Happy hour 7 days a week from 4pm-6pm:





Wine and beer list


50% Off

appetizers, select beer & wine

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