Laguna Cafe

A Unique Restaurant.... You Bring the Conversation....We Take Care of Everything Else


Laguna Cafe

2013 East 29th Ave

Spokane WA 99203

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The inside space was small but had a wonderful feel to it. The food was great and

the wine selection paired well with the food. You could have a casual dinner or something more. Dined on 5/16/2014

More than a cafe, the unique and comfortable atmosphere was more

bistro-style. The soups were fresh and

delicious, the "starters were almost

a meal (gigantic stuffed mushroom).

My veggie panini was filled with

a wonderful variety and so tasty.

My husband loved his "manly" meatloaf

which contained veal/beef and had

a great texture. The service was wonderful. Highly recommend!


Judge for yourself.  Come in and find out what Laguna Café is all about

This is my fourth recommendation

for Laguna, and it could possibly be my favorite restaurant in the Spokane area. The wine is awesome and the list changes every time I go. My family and

I go every time and we have always been pleased with the food, drink, and

service. I sure hope you give it a try

if you haven't gone yet!

Dined on 4/19/2014

Wonderful experience. Food was exceptional. Hubby said it was the best meal out he can remember. We will definitely be back. Recommend the Laguna Shrooms and Lobster and the Crab Bisque for a starter. The Braciole was Dan's family recipe and amazing. The lemon and chocolate cakes were heavenly. Things only got better with Dan's personal attention and wine pairing recommendations.

Dined on 2/22/2014

Try us out for yourself!




This is not a place to just stop and's a destination. It's full of radiance, joy and it's like eating at your best friends kitchen, and will have you vowing to always comeback. Make it your first choice and prepare to enjoy a long and amazing dining experience. Service beyond belief. Staff makes your laugh and will become apart of your table. Owner actually offered us samples and stories of some of the dishes creations and

a wine glass never saw empty. You are not treated just as a are truly celebrated. Cheers.

Dined on 3/1/2014

Delicious meal with great local wine. The service was out of this world. Sarah was delightful, very knowledgeable and helpful with recommendations. Dan the owner stopped by and told us history of the family recipe we were enjoying. Cozy atmosphere.

Dined on 2/26/2014

Seriously, this is probably my third review after my third visit with my wife and kids. There's not many places like Laguna anymore. The Outstanding Service and the Owner who walks around and talks to most everyone. If you're considering going to Laguna,

do it and you won't be disappointed.

Dined on 1/25/2014

I had the small plate filet minion with shrimp.. Perfectly done. With a loaded baked potato, it is just the right amount to satisfy without leaving you with the over fed, bloated feeling of the usual restaurant steak dinner (or a doggie bag, if you have that kind of self control). Thank you, Laguna, for offering this option. My husband was disappointed in his meatloaf dinner, reporting it was "nothing special". But, thankfully there are many other to choose from, because we're going back!

Dined on 12/27/2013

What a wonderful restaurant! Great food...great service...great ambiance!


During Spokane's Restaurant week we decided to try Laguna Cafe and were rewarded with not only great food, but a wonderful dining experience. Our waiter was knowledgeable and helpful, the courses were perfectly paired and the owner stopped

by out table to tell us a bit about the family owned restaurant and the menu. A truly enjoyable dining experience. I can't wait for my daughter to visit so she can experience this South Hill gem!

Dined on 2/25/2014

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