How Casinos Keep People Gambling

Whether you’re walking into the bright lights of a Vegas casino or the refined tropical decor of a Montreal gaming establishment, it’s hard not to get caught up in all the excitement and fun. But that’s not all that casinos are about. They’re also a place where people lose money hand over fist. How do these places trick otherwise rational people—people who work hard for their income and make reasoned financial decisions on a daily basis—into throwing hundreds or even thousands of dollars away based on the roll of a dice, spin of a wheel, or draw of cards?

Casinos employ a number of psychological tricks to keep people gambling and spending. These include changing the way that people look at cash. Instead of bringing in stacks of bills, most casinos offer guests colored chips that represent actual money. This allows players to gamble without feeling the sting of losing actual money. Casinos also use sounds and light to trick patrons into thinking that it’s an appropriate time of day or night, and many have decor designed to make it impossible to tell where one end of the casino begins and the other ends.

In addition to these sleight of hand tactics, casinos are often perfect venues for events and group business. These are important parts of any casino’s offerings, and focusing on them should be an integral part of any marketing strategy. To do so, marketers should focus on event trends and develop a strong online presence to ensure that potential guests can find them easily.

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